Rooms are not available during the High Season.

Room Oleum

2 pax, 1 bathroom
Furnished in typical Tuscan style, with a large double bed with an antique wrought iron headboard, the bedroom Oleum can accommodate two people plus an eventual additional single bed. The ceiling with bleached chestnut beams and the floor with... Read more »

Room Vinum

4 pax, 1 bathroom
The largest and more spacious bedroom, with two single beds and a double bed, Vinum can accommodate four people. The windows surround the entire room and the light enhances the white color of the ancient chestnut and walnut beams, giving brightness... Read more »

Room Granarium

2 pax, 1 bathroom
The most particular bedroom is definitely Granarium, where modern design blends perfectly with the ancient traits that emerge from the old part of the structure. It can accommodate two people, with a double bed on a mezzanine place entirely... Read more »

Room Granum

2 pax, 1 bathroom
Being the bedroom on the top floor, it has a small stone balcony surrounded with a wrought iron railing, overlooking the gardens of the manor house. Also in this room you will have the contrast between the modern wooden floor, where is the bed,... Read more »