Fattoria Pogni is one of the very few agritourism which may be titled to be 100% eco-compatible and energetically independent. In the agricultural complex of Pogni we only use renewable energies both for the agritourism and for the farm.

Living in one of the most beautiful natural environments of the world, Tuscany, and taking from nature and from the land the fruits of our work, we have always been very attentive and sensible to the environmental respect.

The energy used to heat the water, the cellar, and the other interiors of our farm holiday during the winter time is provided by a plant working with the wood shavings obtained by the wood coming from the trimming.

The energy used to produce electricity is obtained by a power plant made with photovoltaic panels, realized by respecting the beauty of the natural environment.

Coming to Fattoria Pogni is not only a unique experience of a magic place. It is the opportunity of experiencing the philosophy of a life based on a deep respect for nature as well as for that wonderful land that is the Chianti area.